Top 5 Free Apps You Need To Create Better Content for Your Website

On the web, content is king. However, not just any content must do. Thanks to evolving search engine algorithms and user expectations, you must create high-quality content to succeed online. Unfortunately, even if you have the necessary talent to up your game, you might not have the budget available to pay for all the best apps.

Fortunately, thanks to the cloud, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in sophisticated applications. In fact, free applications and tools exist that can help you create better content than you might’ve thought possible. Start by trying the following five apps.


If you publish website content that fails to use proper spelling and grammar, you risk tarnishing your reputation and that of your employer or client. Fortunately, you can improve your grammar on the fly without going back to school. Grammarly offers a free version that reviews your writing for critical errors.


Do quiet environments disturb you? How about annoying sounds? You can start taking control of your environment by opening a free account at Noisli. This free app helps you block undesirable noise so that you can quickly get into the zone and stay there. The right background noise can increase your productivity and reduce your stress.


Let’s face it. High-quality content often depends on knowing what to write at a given moment. Enter SEMrush. You might recognize this app as a pricey premium app that marketing professionals use. However, you can use its limited version for free. Try using the app to give you keyword and topic ideas.


Have you ever shopped for a graphics application? If so, you might not want to spend that much money. After all, you’re interested in improving your online content, not becoming a professional artist or illustrator. Canva can help. It’s a cloud-based design and publishing app that you can use to improve your Instagram story. You can also create website graphics, logos, and edit photos.


As you use the internet, do you ever get ideas that you’d love to save for later? When you have a free Evernote account, you can clip images, URLs, and other information to the cloud. Later, you’ll have a chance to organize what you’ve clipped. For instance, you can collect information to create a personal knowledge base or sort into project folders.

As you explore the above free apps, you’ll likely come across other tools that can help you create better content for your website. As the quality of your content improves, you’ll enjoy the benefits, including the satisfaction that you’re doing it all for free.

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