The Top 5 EHR & EMR Software for Small Practices in 2019

Before technology became a necessity in any industry, specifically the medical industry, tools such as EHR and EMR didn’t even exist. Short for Electronic Health Record & Electronic Medical Record respectively, there was no way to share and record the health record of patients. As you might imagine, it must have been a tedious and long process to keep record before these tools. That being said, today’s medical practices rely on EHR and EMR software to keep them organized and well-equipped. In addition, there are many different record software for practices to choose from. Here are some of the top 5 HR and EMR software for small medical practices available in 2019.

#5: Cerner
Cerner might not be the most used tool now, however, it is quickly gaining a good reputation in the field. Serving over 25,000 clients under its name, Cerner is gaining more clients and users with its unique training abilities and 24/7 support.

#4: Epic
What makes a good EHR or EMR Software is its ability to not only record medical data but also focus on the overall health of a patient. This is something that Epic specializes in. With ever 208,000 users of this software, it’s safe to say that that number will continue to rise.

#3: Practice Fusion
What makes the Practice Fusion software unique is its access and availability across any and all devices. With many medical practices choosing to have one similar device to communicate, Practice Fusion makes itself easy to use. This is one of the reasons it serves over 20,000 practices.

#2: Allscripts
When it comes to the Allscripts software, it’s added boost comes in its ability to add revenue to the practice using it. Add in the fact that it has remarkable patient care abilities backed by government certifications and, you have one of the most proficient tools in Allscripts.

#1: eClinicalWorks
Known across the industry as the leading health and medical record software, eClinicalWorks has many facts to back up such a reputation. Numbers wise, it is used by nearly 1 million users across 20 countries worldwide. In addition, this software has around 50,000 total followers across social media, making it one of the most spread and talked about software in the medical community.

EHR & EMR Software For Medical Practices
As an overall rule, no new or established medical practice should operate without the use of EHR & EMR software. Not only does it speed up the client care process but, it allows for more personal client care with each and every client. This is of utmost importance for any medical practice wanting to serve for a long time.

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