The History Behind Chinese Lanterns: Party Entertainment

The history of paper lanterns span thousands of years, originating in China from 22-220AD.
These lanterns were made in a variety of ways with paper and silk being the most commonly used material. The people of China saw these lanterns as symbols of hope and strength. Since it was the Eastern Han Dynasty, theirs was one of peace and prosperity and so these lanterns originally were used to worship Buddha, it is no surprise they would become the center of the Tang Dynasty so many years later.


The bright colors are what displays most clearly the hope and joy the lanterns are meant to emit. The traditional color during the Lantern Festivals is red for it symbolizes the absolute strength, power and peace in China. Originally, these lanterns were ignited by natural flame and this ambience reflected the tranquility among the people.  Over time, this became dangerous and many people now use LED or electric lights, but it would still emit the illusion of the same ambience of natural light.


Lantern Festivals are celebrated throughout China and mainly in cities like Beijing, Nanjing, Xing, and Shanghai. There are Lantern Festivals all over the world, in fact, because of the deep reverence many people feel towards the Chinese values. A great example is the Diwali The Festival of Lights in India. They, too, have lamps that are lit inside to display their belief in goodness and health being invited in as well as wealth. The absolute encompassing theme of peace, hope, tranquillity and strength is shown by these lanterns.

Perfect for Any Occasion 

Whether it is for a birthday party for a young girl, a sweet sixteen or a wedding reception, these lanterns are the perfect decoration. There are a variety of colors that will emit an atmosphere of peace and ambience. In fact, there are also different shapes that you can order the paper lantern in, which will be perfect if there is a theme. For example, you can order gold stars, white stars, traditional chinese lantern, etc. These lanterns are the perfect decoration for your home, too, especially if you have a deep reverence for Chinese culture. The display of such a traditional symbol of power and strength that encompasses the power of their history is incredible. These chinese lanterns will provide the perfect atmosphere of calm that will last for years to come, especially since all you need is replacement lights.

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