What It Takes To Tell A Great Story Online

Online web content has become extremely crucial to success in many different industries. Blog posts and online news articles have replaced magazines and newspapers in many ways, and so it is now more important than ever to have great quality content to draw in readers. However, conveying your story to an online audience is much different than writing for a magazine, newspaper, or book. Here’s how to tell an effective story online.

Appeal to your audience.

Every site has a unique audience, and so it is very important to write stories that they genuinely want to read. Before choosing a topic, get in the mindset of your audience, consider the problems they face and the situations they encounter in everyday life, and think of topics that they will genuinely enjoy reading about. If your audience is genuinely interested in a topic, they will be much more likely to click on an article instead of skipping over it.


Be direct, but add detail and humor in small doses.

You’ll best convey what you want to say through direct, clear sentences. It helps to write an initial draft, then go back through and cut out anything that isn’t necessary. However, you’ll still want to add detail and descriptive language to give the article character and help the reader picture the article’s concepts in their head. It also helps to add little bits of humor into the article where appropriate. A timely joke can really endear your writing to your audience.


Break it up.

One of the most important things to remember about writing online is that readers will skim articles if the paragraphs are too long and dense. Although it can be tempting to write long paragraphs, or to structure the article the way you would write it in a magazine or book, don’t do it. Separate your most important points into bullets – this will help keep your reader engaged through to the end of the article.


Add other types of media to your post.

One of the best things about writing for the internet is that you can be very creative with how you structure your article and what you add to it. Readers enjoy stories that also feature photos, video, music, or audio, so if it feels appropriate to add those things to the story, then do so! It adds depth and interest to the story.