Step by Step Process of Installing Septic Air Pump Parts

The Septic systems are mostly underground wastewater treatment system used in private houses, communities and as well as big rural areas or cities. Its main purpose is to separate the water waste before it gets introduced back to the ground.


The septic air pump is essentially the heart of the septic tank, it the one responsible for pumping the air in and out to the make the whole machine do its job, which is to force the water into the segregating system, separating the waste from the water and treating it until becomes clean before disposing back to the ground.


To learn about installing, it is best to watch read, watch videos or best reverse engineer by experimenting with an old one first, if you anything laying down somewhere, always remember that there could be several different Brands and Models available out there depending on your locality.


The first step is to unscrew the cover and then remove so that you can see what’s in the inside, you might see a foam filter in there, which helps to absorb the noise that the machine will be making when vibrating, you can also remove that. Then you can also check if the safety screw is still on, usually in the middle, this helps prevents further friction in the case that the vacuum is no longer working.


Next, you’ll see two clamps holding down the two tubes on both ends, you’ll have to take them off also as we will unplug those rubber tubes.


This we will start dismantling the whole thing, start with one side of the diaphragm, usually it will have four screws and the one in the middle, make sure you keep the screw, so after one side you can go to the other, this time, if you have to, you can push the diaphragm now to make it easier for you unscrew, same thing four screws and one in the middle so five in total. As this point you can now pull out the magnetic rod block, the one that vibrates back and forth, you want to also to double check if it has any cracks or break. At this point, you have all the main parts out. Some videos are good materials for review in case you need to go thru the process once again.


To ensure a smooth functioning and better lasting Septic Tank System, it is important to review and follow these simple steps.

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