Interested in supporting our community? We offer sponsorship opportunities, which allow businesses and individuals to become involved in our site and feature some of their own content on our pages. We offer many different levels of sponsorship, depending on your budget as well as the amount of involvement you’d like to have with the site. Read on to find out more about our sponsorship opportunities.


Our community promotes the enjoyment of reading through a variety of different mediums, including fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, and online content. We also promote literacy and education around the world. Our content ranges widely, and includes features in the literary, media, design, and tech niches. We are looking for sponsors who are interested in working with us on this community as well as promoting their own content, which ideally would be relating to our goals.


Our sponsors can choose from our basic package, which allows you to put ads on our articles and other pages throughout the site. You can use ads that you have already designed, or we can refer you to our preferred design agency to help you create an appealing and engaging ad campaign. Our premium campaign includes even more ad placement, and we also allow you to collaborate with our writers to create advertorial content, which are articles that can be used to promote your site. Finally, you can select our diamond package for the ultimate in sponsorship. You’ll get all of the aforementioned features, as well as sponsorship and involvement in all of our events around the world.


Sponsors can enjoy many benefits from being a part of our community. Being a sponsor of Readership.org allows you to easily promote your products and services to a wide range of people, and you can also specifically target your content to the specific demographic that you are interested in. Becoming a sponsor can also have a huge positive impact on your public image, as being involved in other organizations and activities has been shown to be one of the best ways to to develop a positive public image.


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