Reasons 3D Movies Are Worth It

While the technology for 3D films was developed almost a century ago, 3D movies have only recently experienced a surge in popularity. This is mainly because computer imaging technology has allowed 3D movies to enhance your viewing experience rather than just seeming like a gimmick. Now more than ever before, people are choosing to make and view their films in 3D. As these movies cost more to make and theaters must supply moviegoers with 3D glasses, the cost for movie tickets is more expensive than the cost of a regular ticket. If you want to view films in 3D at home, you will need a television that will play them, a 3D player, and 3D glasses of your own. If you are passionate about movies, especially ones that employ grand special effects, the additional costs associated with viewing movies in 3D is worth it. Read on to find 3 reasons you should be watching movies in 3D.

Great Technological Strides
In the past, 3D technology failed because it was seen a gimmick. 3D films only served to make the audience gasp as it seemed like objects were flying at them. It became a one and done situation – once you’d seen one film in 3D, you knew what to expect and were not likely to see another. Today, 3D technology has advanced and movies filmed in native 3D utilize the technology to create a full viewing experience. 3D technology is used in collaboration with other special effects to make something that feels much more natural than what was shown in 3D movies 50 years ago.

Enhanced Viewing Experience
If you enjoy watching action, science fiction, and fantasy films 3D technology can enhance your viewing experience. If you want the feeling that you are part of the movie, that scenes are happening all around you, 3D films can create that experience for you. Filmmakers use 3D technology to build beautiful worlds for their viewers to enter. 3D glasses and films force your brain to see two different images and then put those images together to create an image more similar to what you would see in the real world. Fantastical worlds can suddenly feel real.

Impressive Special Effects
Many of today’s films feature incredible special effects and these effects can be even better when viewed in 3D. Computer generated images coming to life when you are viewing them in 3D. If you want to truly appreciate the special effects of some of your favorite films, 3D can be a great feature.

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