Top 8 Safety Tips for Cross Country Moving

Moving is stressful under the best circumstances. The only thing more anxiety producing them packing up your entire household and moving it is having to move all of your things across the country. Here are the top 8 safety tips for cross country moving.

1: Make Sure You’re Insured 

No matter how you’re moving your belongings, it’s important to make sure you have insurance coverage. If you rent a moving truck, you need to make sure your homeowner’s or vehicle insurance will cover it. If not, work with your insurance broker to find out what you need to do.

2: Keep Your Valuables with You

Even the best moving companies will tell you that it’s not a good idea to pack all of your valuables. When it comes to priceless family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, coin collections, etc., it’s better to keep these items on your person. There’s less chance of it getting lost, if you know where it is at all times.

3: Pack Boxes Like a Pro 

The key to keeping your valuables safe is packing boxes like a pro. When filling boxes shake them a bit to see if items are moving around. If so, add more padding. It’s also a good idea to fill it enough that the top won’t cave in when stacked under another box. Lastly, always tape a box shut.

4: Label Your Boxes 

Even if you think you’ll never forget what you put in a certain box, you need to label it. Labeling the box lets everyone know exactly what is in the box. It prevents you from trying to lift a box that’s too heavy and also allows you to move the box less.

5: Put a Big X on Photos 

When preparing to move paintings, mirrors, or anything with glass, you should always use masking tape to put a big X on the item, it will help prevent the glass from breaking.

6: Move with the Right Tools 

Renting a dolly and lifting straps will make moving much easier. It will be easier to move items and will help prevent damages too.

7: Load Heavy Items Towards the Front of the Truck 

Once you have items packed and ready to go, you have to continue thinking about safety while loading the truck. Pack all heavy items towards the front of the moving truck. It will help distribute weight while driving.

8: Drive Slow and Pay Attention to Clearance Heights

No one expects you to drive like an expert the first time you get behind the wheel of a moving truck. When driving, you need to pay attention to clearance heights. If the truck won’t fit under a bridge, you need to find an alternative route.

Following the moving tips above will make your cross country move easier.