How-to Travel With Vaping Supplies

Many airlines have increased restrictions on electronic cigarettes (e-cigs, vape devices) and have certain rules for traveling with your vape. The following seven tips will enable to you to travel as conveniently as possible without the risk of having any of your vape gear confiscated.

Before getting into what and how to pack for your trip, first, and most importantly, you cannot use your vape on any plane.

1. Research Your Destination and Their Vaping Laws

You should know the laws on vaping for where you’re going and take the time to make sure you pack your vape and supplies according to regulations.

2. Know the Vaping Regulations of the Airports

Each airport has its own regulations regarding the use of vape devices inside the airport. It’s always best to check ahead of time so you know what to expect.

3. How to Pack Your Device and Supplies for Air Travel

Research your specific airline for their regulations regarding e-cigarette devices. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration), prohibits vape devices in checked bags. Almost any type of vape device and their accessories must be either in a carry-on bag on your person.

Southwest Airline encourages everyone to Pack with Care. E-cigarettes and spare batteries are two of the items listed that must be in your carry-on bag. You can include spare coils with these items as well.

4. Empty Your Tanks Before Packing Your Vape Device

The air pressure in the cabin may pull all of the liquid out of the tank and it will leak everywhere. If your vape device has removable batteries, remove them and store them in a battery case for the flight. If you have a built-in, rechargeable battery, remember to turn off the device.

5. Pack in Carry-on Luggage Only

Never pack your vape device or gear into your checked-in luggage. Because most vape devices use lithium ion batteries, they cannot be in the cargo hold of a plane as they may catch fire or explode. You must carry them in a carry-on bag or on your person when you board.

You may need to remove them from your purse or carry-on bag before going through TSA and then place them back in your bag or in your coat pocket before boarding.

6. Allowable E-Juice Amounts

TSA and certain airlines have restrictions on liquid sizes you can pack on a carry-on bag. Liquids include your vape e-juice. Know the maximum liquid amount you are allowed to pack and in what size container. For example, if you normally buy your e-liquid in 120ml bottles, you can buy two smaller 30ml bottles for traveling.

Always pack your e-juice in with your other liquids, like your shampoo or body wash, in a leak-proof container. It will be easier to find when you reach your destination.

7. Be Sure to Pack Extra Coils

Depending on the length of your travel, you may need to replace a coil or two, so buy and pack extra in your carry-on for your trip.

The Bottom Line on Traveling with Vape Devices

It might seem like a real hassle to travel with vape devices, but there are specific safety reasons why these restrictions are in place. It’s only until you reach your destination and if you’ve packed it all correctly, you’ll be able to find everything quickly to reassemble and resume vaping.

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