How to Stay Safe When Playing Rugby

Rugby is all about intensity, close contact, and being assertive. However, it can also be a bit dangerous for athletes if they’re not careful enough, making it a sport that requires caution if players want to be safe. Because rugby is similar in intensity to American football while also not using extensive padding or helmets like the latter, players can be left vulnerable at times.


However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, there are many different precautions you can take in playing rugby to make sure that you’re safe. That’s why we’re here to help—in this article, we’ll be taking you through some of our favorite ways to stay safe when playing rugby.


So, without further ado, let’s get right into it:


Have Protective Gear


Though rugby does not utilize protective gear as much as American football, there is still a handful of different pieces of gear you can use to ensure your safety. For example, make sure that you have some sort of mouth guard and head gear in case of a truly rough game. Another good precaution is to wear some light shoulder padding to make sure that you are not compromised in an intense moment.


Always Warm Up Beforehand


Making sure you are effectively warmed up before going into a rugby game can often be the difference between getting injured and not. This is because your muscles are often more vulnerable when they’re not stretched, leaving you prone to having a serious accident while on the field.


Not sure which stretches to do beforehand? This guide from Rugby Ready is especially helpful for anyone looking to have a set routine of stretches before a game.


Cool Down After


This might seem like an odd addition to this list, but cooling down after playing is just as important as warming up before a game. There is also a great guide from Rugby Ready that shows you the many ways in which you can do this, which we highly recommend.


Wear Correct Footwear


Believe it or not, many injuries can happen even when you’re wearing protective gear. It is important to ensure that you’re wearing proper rugby shoes according to the official rules, so be sure to continually check yourself.


Buy New Gear When Necessary


One of the common mistakes when using rugby gear is that it’s still usable. This is why you should always be on top of checking your gear to make sure that it’s usable. If you’re somebody who uses mouth guards, making sure your mouth guard is still usable from time to time is a great way to be prepared.

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