How to Pass a Car State Inspection

If you’re worried that your vehicle may not pass a state inspection, there are some things that you can do to increase your vehicle’s chances of making the cut. These methods are perfectly legal and can help your vehicle pass with flying colors. Here are some of the best ways to pass a car state inspection.

Check Your Air Filter 

A dirty air filter can make it more difficult for your pistons to absorb enough clean air. If your filter is dirty, you should change it prior to the inspection. Doing so will allow cleaner air to pass through your engine, which will increase your chances of passing the inspection.

Have Windshield Cracks Repaired 

You might be able to get away with having a small ding in your windshield, but any large obvious cracks will likely cause your vehicle to fail the inspection. As the Virginia State Police – Safety Division points out, windshield cracks, chips or pits that are larger than 1.5 inches in diameter will result in an inspection failure, and this may also be the case in your state.

Get an Oil Change 

Old oil that contains a lot of dirt and sludge could cause your vehicle to fail the inspection. Changing the oil will help breathe new life into your vehicle and make it run smoother. It’s best to use a type of oil that is fully synthetic or a synthetic blend for the best results.

Align the Wheels 

If your wheels are out of alignment, your vehicle will have a more difficult time meeting compliance standards. The camber, caster, toe and rear axels should all be in alignment. Before taking your vehicle in for the state inspection, you should visit an auto shop so that a mechanic can check if your wheels are out of alignment and perform any needed repairs.

Make Preparations to Pass the Emission Test 

If you drive a newer vehicle, you shouldn’t have to worry about passing the emission test. However, if your vehicle is older, there are some things you can do before going in for your test that may increase your chances of passing. The Washington Vehicle Emission Check Program suggests driving your car for at least 15 minutes on the freeway and keeping your vehicle running while you wait in line for the test so that the engine stays warm. You should also switch off your radio and air conditioning prior to the test.

Passing a state vehicle inspection can be easy if you take the right steps in advance. You’ll likely thank yourself for the extra effort that you put into passing the inspection.

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