How to Hit Your Fitness Goals Before Summer

Did you make a New Years’ resolution to get fit only to find yourself close to spring without anything to show for it? It’s totally normal to need a bit of a push or a reality check. Having goals is one thing, but following through on them is another. This is how to hit your fitness goals before summer.

1. Keep Them Reasonable

The death knell of many a fitness goal has been making them far too ambitious too early. You might know what you want to accomplish in the long-run. But in the short-run, you need to be more pragmatic. Keep your ambitions in check and focus on goals that are admirable but achievable. It may mean swallowing your pride a bit, but you’ll be better able to meet your goals.

2. Keep a Journal

Tracking your progress is a very good way to meet your goals. Write down what your fitness goals and keep a daily log of how you’ve come closer to that goal. Be as honest as possible with your journal. Write about what you eat and what kind of exercises you perform on a daily basis. If you’re feeling some type of emotion, write it down. Your journal can be key to keeping your mind in check as you work towards your fitness goals.

3. Stay Consistent

When you tell yourself you’re going to reach a goal by summer, you have to put in your work before spring. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The days you don’t feel like going to the gym are the ones that’ll make the difference. Even if you can’t find time or motivation for a full workout, even half of that can be powerful.

4. Avoid Comparison

It can seem like an innocent curiosity at first. You want to see how your peers are doing with their own fitness goals, but you find yourself dwelling far too much on your own performance compared to them. You need to keep your business to yourself and let them worry about their own progress. The point of fitness is to empower yourself and others, not to keep each other down. When you stay focused on yourself, you can make reaching your goals all the easier.

You can’t expect to reach your fitness goals overnight. Discipline is a must for reach any of achievement. Take your fitness goals one day at a time and avoid comparing yourself to others. By following these tips, you can be the best you can be and not worry about what others think.

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