How to Build Your Brand With Challenge Coins

Challenge coins originated as a means to prove membership to an organization if challenged and to enhance the morale of the owner. For example, military members may receive challenge coins that show they are or were in a special unit of the military, such as Special Forces. They are frequently collected by law enforcement personnel and members of the armed forces. Unit commanders often present challenge coins to their subordinates as a way to recognize some type of special accomplishment.

Today, challenge coins are made for many different organizations. You can find them online from companies that manufacture personalized coins for any business. This includes business challenge coins that can be used to build your company brand while boosting the morale of your valued employees. Read on to learn why you should use personalized challenge coins in your business.

1. Brand Building in Action

Your company likely does what it can to promote the goods or services you offer. Maybe you take ads out in local papers or have a billboard along a major highway. What about a challenge coin personalized to bring brand awareness to your company? A challenge coin can be uniquely designed with your company logo, name, or vision. You can add the year you were founded or any other relevant information you believe customers would enjoy seeing.

2. Recognizing Good Performance in the Workplace

Employees are not just motivated by their paycheck. A happy employee is one who feels appreciated and recognized at their job. Challenge coins can be a way to show appreciation for a job well done or outstanding work. Employees who are given them will feel as though they are part of a team and will likely continue producing stellar work. The more appreciated they are, the more they will talk about the company they work for. This builds brand awareness, which can lead to new customers.

3. Create a Bond Among Employees

Have your employees worked alongside one another on a huge project? Did they work overtime, come in on weekends, and generally pour their heart and soul into a job? Creating a challenge coin specifically for the employees of a successful project, one that highlights their accomplishments, will create a special bond among them. This will also help to build your brand in the long run, as employees will be more likely to continue working for your company when they see that their work is appreciated.

Keeping employees motivated in the work place can often be challenging. Custom challenge coins have been proven to build both team unity and camaraderie, even in a corporate setting. Building brand awareness in the workplace, while creating a satisfying atmosphere for employees, should be two goals your company strives for every single day.

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