Helpful Things to Remember When Planning Your First Party

Hosting your first party is exciting until you don’t know where to start. A successful party begins with thorough planning. The more prep work you do, the better you will be prepared for your guests. Start now and think through what kind of party you want to host. Here are some helpful things to remember when planning your first party to make it a success.

Guest List
After you have decided what kind of party you want to have, decide who you want to invite. This will give you theĀ guest list number. This number determines many factors in planning a party. It will help you as you go through the next steps. Remember not everyone you invite will come. Inform your guests what the party is for and how to dress.

  • Casual
  • Dressy
  • Formal
  • Costume

Choose a location that will accommodate your guest list. Make sure there is enough space for good traffic flow. If it is outside, make sure there is an indoor backup plan in case the weather does not cooperate.

Your guests are counting on you to provide them something to do. They need something to set the ambiance. Play some music. Have board games set out. Invite them to swim. The options are endless, but they do need something to do besides stand around.

  • swimming
  • magic show
  • roasting
  • board games
  • crafting
  • movie showing
  • slide show of pictures
  • obstacle course
  • who done it

Plan your party to where you are free to enjoy it. Do as much of theĀ preparations ahead of time, so you can fellowship with your guests. You do not want to end up being a slave in the kitchen. Make sure you can walk around and speak to all of your company.

Clean Up
Make clean-up after the party as simple as possible. You can place trash cans around the party space so that your guests will be encouraged to pick up as they go. When guests do not see a trash can, they tend to leave more debris laying around. By placing convenient waste cans around, this will make clean-up easier after everyone is gone.

Your party will be a success when you follow these steps. Your guests will be asking when you will host another one. It will be such a positive experience that you won’t mind the prep work involved. So, get started today on planning your first party.

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