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10 Ways to Improve News Media for Young People

With the popularity of smartphones and blogging, news media has completely saturated our culture. However, many young people still avoid reading news media, feeling that it isn’t accessible enough to them. Since young people make up such a large percentage of internet users, it is very important to try to appeal to them and make news media more exciting. Here are ten ways to improve news media.

1. Make content shorter but more impactful. With so much out there to read, millennials don’t have time to read through long, in-depth articles unless they are of amazing quality. To grab their attention, choose the most important things you have to say and break them up into bullet points.

2. Add photos, music, and video for a more engaging multimedia experience.

3. Make the content interactive. Young people enjoy discussing what they read, so make sure there’s a way for them to share the article and comment on it.

4. Have a presence on social media. Although young people will visit sites they really love regularly, they’ll be more likely to see your article quickly if you have an account they can follow on Facebook or Twitter.

5. Be direct. With so many sites out there that publish fake or biased news, young people really seek out articles that explain things in a concise manner without any bias. Once they find a source that they trust, they’ll also be more likely to rely on it.

6. Appeal to their unique interests. Younger generations enjoy personalized online content, so if you run a news site or blog, separate your articles into several different categories so they can decide exactly what they want to read about and what they want to skip.

7. Write from a perspective they can relate to. Many millennials don’t enjoy reading about the news because they feel like it isn’t relevant to them. Featuring young people in news stories is a great way to connect with them, because it feels more immediate and important.

8. Feature both local and global news. Young people like to read about what’s going on worldwide, but they’ll also connect well with stories about their own community.

9.Have simple but appealing design that is easy to read. This will really stand out among all of the overdesigned content that is already on the internet.

10. Most importantly, publish frequent and relevant content. The current news cycles move so quickly that readers of all ages want to hear about what’s new, right now.