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5 Common HVAC Issues in the Summer

Summertime is no time for HVAC problems. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget blessings like air conditioning until they quit working. Pondering these five common summertime HVAC issues should motivate you to grab an ounce of prevention before dripping sweat keeps you awake nights.

1. Excessive Utility Bills

Utility costs rise; that’s a given. If previous years reveal your bill is abnormally high, however, don’t hesitate to investigate your HVAC unit. Inefficient performance doesn’t necessarily mean your unit needs replacement or even costly repairs. In many cases, a simple fix like filter replacement can significantly relieve the load your unit carries.

If changing filters fails to help, it could mean the HVAC system needs a deeper cleaning. Whether the culprit is buildup of residue on your coil or random debris clogging your duct work, a thorough cleaning will do more than relieve your budget: it could just improve your health by removing allergens from the air.

2. Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool

If your AC is on but your house is hot, you might fear it’s time to replace the entire unit. Thankfully, it’s likely there’s an easier solution that won’t cost you a fortune.

First, inspect drain lines to ensure they aren’t blocked. If they are blocked, you might consider calling a professional.

Next, make sure your AC is, in fact, turned on. Yes, it’s a silly suggestion, but it can save you the embarrassment of a tech switching it on for you. We won’t tell anyone.

Finally, make sure all your vents are open. Again, it’s a simple solution, but the simple things are the best things, especially when they cost nothing to correct.

3. Thermostat Doesn’t Work

If your thermostat isn’t working, make sure your HVAC system breaker hasn’t tripped. Also, make sure the batteries and wiring are in good order. If you opt to call for servicing, be specific about the problem to determine whether an electrician would be more helpful than an HVAC technician.

4. Fans Blow Warm Air

If your HVAC unit blows warm air, you may need a tech to come refill your system with proper levels of refrigerant. While he’s there, make sure to get a thorough inspection of the electrical, motor, and compressor systems of the unit.

5. Loud Noises from Unit

When you’re comfortable in your home, you can forget how noisy your air conditioner really is until you pass by it outside.

If your HVAC unit is simply loud, chances are it’s normal. But if you detect abnormal noises, smells, or performance, turn off the unit and ask a professional for advice.

Any maintenance is better than none at all. Even calling once there’s a problem is better than allowing your HVAC unit to deteriorate past the point of no return. Your HVAC professionals see it all, and they’ll be glad you called. That said, no one will be happier than you and your family to enjoy summer once again.