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Top Christian Headlines of 2017

It seems that 2017 is off and running well. There has been some big new in the Christian world, especially since President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence moved to Washington. Things like saying “God Bless The USA” had long been forgotten; however, it seems that this duo is determined that the Christians will no longer take a back seat. This was just one of many stories surrounding the Christian community. Here are some newsworthy stories from this year.

The End of Planned Parenthood

Most Christians are pro-life, and they take an avid stance against abortion. Planned Parenthood has long been an agency that helps women make decisions regarding their body. They help with contraceptives, pregnancy tests, counseling, and they also assist women in knowing all the options. President Trump is against abortion and is fighting hard to close this organization Planned Parenthood for good. Some say the organization may survive without federal funding. The logistics are still being fought.

Exposing Scientology

Though the true scandal began at the end of 2016, the fight between Leah Remini, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology is in full swing. Remini has her own show where she faces off against those who wronged her. She exposed dirty secrets, scandalous affairs, and occultist methods used to control this religious sector. With the help of A&E, the controversial “tell all” is really opening eyes to the heresy of this group.

Norway Lutheran Church Embraces Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage is always a hot topic in Christian news. However, a church in Norway has gone public about their acceptance of gay couples in their church. The country has allowed these unions since 2003, but the church has stepped up and let this community know they are welcomed and supported.

Muslims Face New Scrutiny

A whole article could be done on all the news relating to the Muslim religious group and the current activity. However, the most important story is the new travel ban signed by President Trump. Seven major Muslim communities were restricted from traveling into the United States. Many who don’t have the proper paperwork were refused entry back into the country after leaving for a short period. At the major airports, people were turned away, and they were put on planes back to their homelands. The matter went before a Federal Court, and the issue will move on to the Supreme Court. If homeland security has their way, the citizens of these “hot spot” countries will be heavily scrutinized before being allowed in this region.

I.K. Preacher Arrested For Biblical Views on Homosexuality

It’s every preacher’s worst fear. They want to share the Bible with anyone who is interested, but they face persecution or legal action. Gordon Larmour is a 42-year-old minister in the U.K. He was handing out pamphlets to people on the street corner. He was approached by a young man who wanted to know the Bible’s views on homosexuality. He shared the story of Adam and Eve with the 19-year-old teen. It wasn’t long after he answered his question that local police arrested him. They accused him of hate speech and infringing on this child’s rights. He has since been released, but many other Christians wonder if freedom of speech is a thing of the past.

It’s been a busy year and it has only begun. These are just a few of the hot topics in the world right now. The Christian community is the constant focus of liberals, and it doesn’t appear that things will change.