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How to Know When it is Time to Replace your Business Sign

An attractive and creative sign helps your business stand out from the rest on your street. Customers are drawn to business establishments that they already know or have heard of, so an effective business sign helps plant seeds for future sales. A good sign is a cost-effective form of marketing as long as it is still relevant. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your sign remains fresh and compelling to attract customers and drive sales.

What your business sign says about your establishment significantly impacts your ability to attract new customers, especially in the restaurant, walk-in enterprises, or retail businesses. Fortunately, replacing old, dilapidated, and outdated signs gives your business a new look. Below are five signs you need to replace your signage.

1. Relevancy

Signage is a marketing investment that should change when your business evolves. This ensures that it accurately represents your existing branding and style. Your sign remains relevant as long as it still represents all the values of your business.

2. Need to Refresh Your Brand and Business Image

If you notice hundreds of people walking past your store without giving it a second glance, it is because they are used to it. They are not compelled to enter your establishment because nothing new intrigues them. Replacing your old sign with something new and attention-grabbing will get more people into your business.

3. Expensive Maintenance Bills

When you are regularly maintaining your present business sign at a high cost, it is time to replace it with a new energy efficient one. LED signs often last up to 10 years without any major maintenance required. Moreover, when replacing your sign, look for durable materials like aluminum or bronze.

4. Lighting

If you change your business operation times or start running 24/7, it is important to invest in a new sign that serves your business during the day and night. LED’s are increasingly growing in popularity because they are efficient. Retrofitting your old sign with LED’s saves you money, because they are long-lasting, require less maintenance, and have minimal power consumption compared to fluorescent or neon lights.

5. Broken Signs

A broken, irreparable, or outdated business sign that is no longer serving its purpose should be replaced as soon as possible. A good signage company will help you design an effective sign. Furthermore, this is the perfect time to consider alternative signage options. Today, digital signs are cheaper, more detailed, and can display live messages.

Replacing your old sign with a new one refreshes your business image and brand while at the same time piques the interest of customers. Additionally, your sign should meet ADA requirements and local permitting regulations. Finally, remember that interior signs are just as effective as exterior ones because they direct people to the products and service you are offering. They can also lead to impulse buying.