A Guide for Giving the Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Although you should show your appreciation to teachers throughout the entire year, there is usually a week set aside before the end of the school year when students can do small tasks and give gifts to show their appreciation to the teachers who have helped them reach the next grade level. Most schools have a list of ideas that students can follow if they aren’t sure what kind of gifts to give or so that as many students as possible can participate. Here are a few ideas to consider if you want to give something a bit more personal.

Gift Cards
If you decide to make a card for your child’s teachers or if you buy a card from a store, consider putting a gift card inside. Amazon gift cards are popular because teachers can often get discounts on items sold on the site, and they can also purchase bulk items that can be used in the classroom. You could also include a gift card for a favorite restaurant or a spa treatment. One way to surprise the teacher would be to put the card in a Mason jar with a few pieces of candy and other treats, positioning the card so that it’s in the middle of the jar.

Simple Treasures
You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an appreciation gift for teachers, especially if your child has more than one teacher. Stuff an oven mitt with one or two cookie or brownie packages as well as cookie cutters and a spatula. If there are male teachers, then you could get a mug with a screwdriver and hammer along with a small bottle of cologne.

Garden Designs
Since many teacher appreciation weeks are in the spring, you could fill glass jars with flower seeds or flowers that have already sprouted. Put the jars in a wooden container that looks like a window box. Add a note to the front thanking the teacher for helping the child grow during the school year. Another garden gift is a bucket with a small shovel, gardening gloves, and a few packets of flower bulbs and seeds.

Fun Gift Ideas
You can get a little creative with the gifts that you give to teachers. An idea is a shadow box with a clear cover that is filled with small pieces of chocolate candies. Write a message on the glass using a permanent marker or a dry erase marker about using the candy for emergencies. If you want to give money to your child’s teacher, then tape the bills together so that they are in a rolled design. Put the roll around a small tube in a box so that the teacher has to keep pulling to reach the end.

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