9 Promotional Events to Use a Challenge Coin at

Strong evidence suggests that branded swag is a powerful marketing tool, especially at promotional events. Challenge coins are a great choice for those events, and there are a lot of different time and places where you can put them to use.


The easiest way to use a challenge coin is to slip it into a swag bag during a giveaway. It’ll stand out as a unique item, and challenge coins with dates or other identifiers can even turn into collectible items.

Sponsored Competitions

Businesses that sponsor competitive events can give coins away to the competitors. In addition to being a consolation prize for the losers, it can help to organize things by identifying the people who are competing.


Some events exist to help clients, workers, and other people get to know each other. You can break the ice by handing out a variety of coins and encouraging people to trade with strangers to get the complete set.


Conventions are vital promotional events for many industries, and the people who visit them expect to go home with collectible items from each both. Challenge coins are affordable, so companies can use them to meet that expectation without spending too much money. For some companies, such as those in the gaming industry, the coins can even be integrated with the company’s products to make them more appealing and drive traffic towards the booth!

Mentoring Events

Some businesses support mentoring programs, where experienced workers support students or newer workers to help them meet their potential. The gift of a challenge coin from the mentor to a student at the end of the program can give them a permanent reminder of the experience to strengthen their fond memories and support of the company.

Product Demonstrations

It is necessary to demonstrate products to potential consumers. Integrating a coin into the demonstration and giving it to the potential buyer at the end is a great way to make it more memorable. They will remember the event when they see the coin and be more likely to buy from your company instead of a competitor in the future.

School Visits

Visiting schools can help win favor with the next generation and make the company look good at the same time. Most kids love to get free stuff, so handing out a few coins as prizes in little teaching competitions or other activities can help them focus and remember you.

Community Service

Any charity or community service can build your brand’s reputation. Handing out coins to people who help can give them a souvenir and encourage people to take part. This is true of both your own employees and local volunteers from outside the company.

Street Marketing

Street booths and performances can be valuable for driving traffic to a store. Something as simple as hiring a magician to do tricks with the coins and hand them out to viewers can help. After all, they’re likely to examine the coin after they see it in a trick, and that will give you a chance to make a good impression.

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