9 Low-Cost Ways to Accessorize your Bridal Gown

Your wedding dress is the most important dress that you’ll wear during your lifetime. Don’t you want it to look the best it possibly can on you?

A lot of your final wedding look will have to do with your accessories. Here are 9 of the best accessories you can get for your wedding dress, and they won’t cost you much at all!

1. Earrings

If you wear earrings at all, you likely have a pair that will do perfectly for your wedding. Think of something classic and simple like a pair of pearls, simple post gems or small hoops.

2. Your Standard Watch

You can wear a watch to your wedding! Unless it is a fitness watch or a digital type, any classic, feminine watch will do.

3. Bracelets

You want to look simple and elegant in your dress, so a simply silver or gold chain bracelet may be all that you need.

4. A Tiara

Again, you’re keeping things simple and elegant here, so there’s no need to be too extravagant if you decide to get a tiara to wear with your wedding dress. Choose something basic and classic, and ask your hairdresser to integrate it into your hair style. It only needs to shine for one night, and even the most inexpensive tiara can do that easily.

5. Ribbon in Your Hair

Ribbon is quite cheap, and even a foot or two of beautiful fabric ribbon will only cost you a few dollars. Ask your hairdresser to add it to your hairstyle for a stunning look.

6. Flowers in Your Hair

Flowers are expensive when purchased in large quantities, but a few flowers for your hair won’t cost much at all. In fact, you could even go to your garden and pick up a few flowers from the ground to add to your do.

7. Standard Silk Gloves

Gloves can be a classy touch to pair with your wedding down, and a nice pair of silk or lace gloves bought at a discount store won’t run you too much either.

8. A Handmade Veil

Surprisingly enough, veils can actually be quite expensive. But you can make your own easily by following directions found online. The most important thing about making your own veil is finding quality material, but basically, any sheer or lace material found at your local sewing store will be fine.

9. No Accessories At All

Finally, if you don’t want to wear any accessories or spend any money on accessories, this can be a look in and of itself. After all, you want your wedding dress and yourself to shine the most, so a final option for accessories is to where none at all.

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