8 Ways To Save Money And Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year. It is also one of the hottest seasons. People work to keep everything as cool as possible during this time of year. There are several ways to keep costs low while staying cool. Here are 8 helpful ways to save money and stay cool this summer:

1) Place your thermostat on 78 degrees or above. Body temperatures can adapt to higher settings. A room won’t cool down any faster at colder temperatures. Higher temperatures can help your system run more efficiently.

2) Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing. Cooler clothing requires less air conditioning. Nylon fabrics and shorts are easy to wear. Try clothing that can be worn indoors and outdoors. This will minimize the time needed to change out of clothing.

3) Break out the grill. Cooking outdoors is a classic summer tradition. Cooking indoors heats up the home and makes temperatures uncomfortable. Some families grill enough food for the week. This saves time from cooking on other days.

4) Clean or replace your air filter. An air conditioner needs to be efficient in order to save money. A cluttered filter prevents air from flowing properly. Filters should be checked often. Professionals can also help maintain or replace air filters.

5) Keep curtains and blinds clean and closed. Window decor can add elegance to any home, but it also prevents natural lighting from filtering throughout the room. This prompts many people to keep windows and blinds open during the day. The heat and humidity from outside makes the air conditioner work harder. It is fine to open the windows and curtains sometimes, but try to open them during the cooler times of the day.

6) Stay hydrated. Drinking cold water keeps the body temperature from rising. Summer is the ideal time for ice cold beverages. Tea and lemonade are summer favorites, but it is better to minimize excessive sugar intake during this time of year. This is why it is suggested to drink plenty of water.

7) It is a good idea to spend more time outside of the home. You can visit old friends or new places. Why not take advantage of using air conditioning somewhere else? You can also exercise at the local or state park. The library is a cool place to read and relax. Find cool ways to entertain yourself during hot summer afternoons.

8) Take a swim. Some people have the good fortune of having their own backyard pool. You can also cool off at a local aquatics center. Some parks have community sprinkler systems. Swimming is a great exercise and activity for families during intense summer months.

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