8 Strength Training Exercises to Try Out this New Year

If you’re like many people, you want to start the new year out right to achieve your training goals. If you’re an athlete, workout enthusiast or someone who just wants to strengthen his or her body this year, following are some of the best exercises to accomplish that goal. But while training is essential for strengthening, make sure you eat healthy foods and get plenty of sleep as well.

Push Ups
Push ups should be at the core of every workout when building strength. This exercise primarily hits the chest, shoulders and triceps. Inhale as you lower your body to the floor, and exhale as you push yourself back up. Remember to keep your back straight throughout the entire exercise. Use push up handles to get a better stretch. They’re also easier on the wrists. Raise your feet on a chair to hit the upper part of your chest.

Bench Press
If you’re more of a weightlifter, the bench press is the perfect exercise for building strength. Keep your feet planted on the floor for better support and don’t arch your back. Use moderate weights and stick with six to 10 reps each set, according to Men’s Fitness.

Military Press
To pack on muscle and strength in your shoulders, do the military press. Sit on a bench that provides adequate support for your back. Press the weights up and lower them in front of your shoulders, not behind.

One-Arm Rows
One-arm rows with dumbbells are safer than other upper back exercises for those with lower back problems. Kneel on a bench and lift the dumbbell up to your outer chest area with the opposite hand. Switch sides and perform the movement with the other hand.

Your hardcore powerlifters may prefer deadlifts but hyperextensions are safer for people over 35. This exercise works your lower back muscles, which is part of your core along with your abs and obliques. It’s important to keep your lower back strength proportional to your upper back strength to avoid injury.

Overhead Tricep Extension
Perform this exercise with a dumbbell, using both hands, or an E-Z Curl bar. This movement better employs the long head of the triceps, helping your build strength and size in the back part of your arm. Keep your tailbone centered underneath you to avoid arching your back, according to Huffington Post, which can cause injuries.

Standing Barbell Curl
If you do one exercise for biceps in your strength training, make it the standing barbell curl. For better isolation, lean forward slightly to avoid jerking the weight up. Otherwise, you’re using your shoulders too much.

They is no better exercise than squats for building strength in your thighs. When doing the exercise, focus on going deeper rather than heavier, according to ABC News, and lower yourself until your legs are parallel to the floor. Anything deeper puts and undue amount of pressure on your knees.

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