7 Ways to Increase Your Energy During Your Day

Keeping ourselves going throughout the day can be challenging sometimes, but with a paycheck on the line for most of us, we have to come up with ways to pick ourselves up from slumps in energy. Coffee only goes so far without making you feel too jittery. The following are some healthy options that you can try throughout your day to keep you going when you start feeling fatigued.

  1. Walk Around the Block

    This might not seem intuitive. If you’re already tired, it might seem that taking a walk would make you more tired, but the opposite is actually the case. Even mild exercise can help get the blood flowing, which can only help with fatigue. Of course, if you go too far, you may exhaust yourself, which is why simply going around the block should be perfect.

  2. Drink More Water

    This is an extremely simple tip that most of us do not do. Even when we drink, all too often it’s something with a lot of caffeine or sugar that may only serve to dehydrate us soon after we’ve gotten the initial refreshing feeling from the drink. Drink either water or a drink that has water with added electrolytes for a good energy boost.

  3. Eat Some Chia Seeds

    When lunch was over a couple hours ago, the vending machine in the lobby can start looking very appealing. Try bringing some chia seeds to work for a healthier, energizing snack. They pack an impressive amount of nutrition into a small form factor, which includes the Omega-3 fatty acids your brain will thank you for when you get back to work as well as protein for steady energy to continue working.

  4. Have a Good Laugh

    Sometimes you just need to get away from that tedious or boring assignment for ten minutes and watch a funny YouTube video or find some other humorous distraction. Laughing boosts blood pressure and heart rate a bit, and it makes a refreshing distraction from an assignment. Just make sure not to overdo it since you still need to get work done.

  5. Try Stretching

    If you don’t have time for a walk around the block, or if you can’t leave the work premises to do so, just getting up and stretching can be tremendously beneficial. When you’re sitting and slouching in front of a computer while staring at a screen, you can become stiff from being too sedentary. Get up and stretch for a couple minutes, and you may find you can get back to your task with a little more vigor.

  6. Get Some Sun

    This tip is especially good for those who work in an enclosed environment with few windows. You’d be surprised how just getting outside in the sun occasionally will brighten your mood and how this can re-energize you for getting back to work. As an added advantage, periodic exposure to the sun helps your skin produce the vitamin D that yields numerous health benefits.

  7. Try Some Green Tea

    You may want to try this in place of coffee every now and then. Green tea has a small amount of caffeine, so it delivers an energy boost that you’ll feel. It’s also rich in antioxidants, so you’re helping your body fight free radicals while also getting yourself energized to finish your day.

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