6 Ways to Maximize Your Workout

Whether you have hit a plateau or can’t seem to build muscle definition, the key to getting past a tough time on your workout journey is to work harder. You may have convinced yourself that breaking a sweat and finishing your cardio indicates that you have given it your all, however, results don’t lie. Here are 6 ways to maximize your workout.

1. Always Stretch
Many people skip over the most important part of any workout routine- stretching. Not only does stretching maximize your range of motion, but it also puts you at less of a risk for injury, increases oxygen flow, awakens stagnant muscles, and gives you more energy so that you can sustain for a longer period of time. Learn more about the importance of stretching.

2. Go Heavier
Whether you are looking to tone, build muscle mass, or burn fat, packing on more weight is the way to go. The heavier you go, the faster you will see results. The weight should be just heavy enough to challenge you without straining your muscles.

3. Limit Your Rest Periods
The rest periods between exercises are often too long which tends to lower the intensity of the overall workout. To make the most out of your time, shorten your rest periods so that they do not exceed 45 seconds. Also, if you are not too tired between reps, spend your resting time performing light movements such as walking or jogging in place.

4. Plan Your Workout Ahead Of Time
Don’t waste your time and energy walking around the gym trying to decide what to do next. Decide ahead of time which muscle group you would like to work out and which machines are on your agenda. This will also help you to achieve a shorter, more powerful workout which is has a greater impact than the longer, drawn-out ones that are often performed with lagging energy. Here is why shorter workouts are more beneficial.

5. Combine Movements
Compound exercises are a way to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Try doing a deadlift coupled with an overhead press or a wide-legged squat followed by a kickback. Combining multiple exercises into one routine is a way to target multiple muscle groups and push yourself to the next level.

6. Rev-Up Your Cardio Routine
Cardio can often be the most boring portion of your workout so by switching up the gear, you can maximize results. If you prefer the treadmill, try alternating between walking, running, and sprinting. Do side steps on the stair master and even carry a couple of dumbbells to work out your arms and burn more calories.

If you aren’t going to push yourself, you won’t see any drastic results. Remember to switch your exercises up frequently and always push yourself to go harder. Make every workout count.

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