6 Things to Throw Out Before Moving

Moving into a new home is a great opportunity to declutter, but it can sometimes be difficult to know what you should part with. Below are some things that you can throw out before moving to make the move into the next home less stressful and feel like a new start.

There are some good general guidelines to follow when determining which clothes to keep and which to throw out. The easiest place to start is with clothes that no longer fit. Then, keep essential pieces that will stand the test of time and donate or sell super-trendy items that you won’t likely wear again.

Kids’ items
Many families with children have toys and other items for the kids that they won’t need again, especially if they don’t plan to have any more children. These items, like bouncy seats, activity gyms, and swings can be sold or donated to people who need them.

Moving is a good time to go through the refrigerator and pantry and throw out expired food or items that most likely won’t be used. Canned or boxed items that take up space can be donated to food pantries. Open half-eaten bags of chips and boxes of cereal that have gone stale can be thrown out as well.

The mattress
A lot of people keep their mattresses much longer than they should, so moving homes is a great opportunity to assess whether the mattress needs to be replaced. A general rule-of-thumb is that most mattresses last about seven years and, depending on how much it is used, should be replaced after that time.

Broken appliances
Now would be a good time to throw away or recycle that old printer that’s collecting dust in the home office or that old unused cell phone. Most cities have electronic recycling centers that even hold events to encourage people to bring in their old electronics.

Books and magazines
Books and magazines that aren’t going to be read again can be sold or donated. Many consignment shops will take books, and schools are often looking for old magazines (provided they are appropriate for young people) for craft projects.

When you have decided what can stay and what needs to go, items can be sold through apps like Letgo or social media buy/sell/trade sites. While going through and decluttering might require some work in the beginning, taking the opportunity to assess what a household needs and what can be discarded can make moving into a new home and unpacking go much smoother.

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