6 Inspiring Ways to Make Daily Activities Wheelchair Accessible

More and more attractions, sports, and other places are making their activities available to those who are confined to wheelchairs so that they, too, can enjoy life. Limited mobility and the necessity to use a collapsible wheelchair or a motorized chair or scooter does not have to cause a person to just sit and observe life around them. They can get out and indulge in local recreational “doings” and even travel to have adventures in faraway locations.

1. John Morris is a passionate traveler who created a wheelchair travel blog to show readers that traveling with a disability is definitely possible. He is a triple amputee and has flown over 750,000 miles to more than 30 countries and did it with just one hand, his passport, and in his power wheelchair.

2. Train Travel

Most train networks throughout the world, including Amtrak and railways in Europe, can accommodate both manual and power wheelchairs. Ramps and “bridge plates” allow wheelchairs to roll smoothly onto the train as they cross over the gaps between the station platform and the train.

3. Sports

Many states and countries have organizations that offer team sports for wheelchair users. Check out sites such as the National Wheelchair Basketball Association and the Wheelchair Sports Federation for detailed information. Boating, sailing, and fishing have easy accommodations on a boat or dock for mobility equipment and devices.

4. Billiards

There is actually a National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association of America that points out that a lower vantage point from a wheelchair can actually be an advantage because you are at eye level with the table. Special equipment and cues are available if required.

5. Nature Trails, Festivals, Luaus, and Other Activities

Most cities have public parks that feature accessible trails and picnic areas for wheelchair users. If you are in Hawaii, the popular luaus and shows with fire knife dancers are easily available. Although you can’t drive a wheelchair in the sand on beaches, many have paved sidewalks that run alongside them. Aquariums and museums are normally set up for wheelchair users to be able to see the many wonders of marine life, art, and sculptures.

6. The Kealia Coastal Boardwalk and Bird Sanctuary, which is located in Maui’s Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge beside Maalaea Bay, is a spectacular example of the numerous attractions that are available to wheelchair travelers who want to experience worldwide beauty. There will often be the addition of gorgeous views such as the West Maui and Haleakala Mountains in this case. Bring your binoculars so you can spot the windmills on the ridge at the top of West Maui.

There are so many unique possibilities for those in wheelchairs to take part in daily activities and to travel to exotic places. Even with a disability, why give up such wonderful events and explorations? They can be arranged so that a wheelchair user can take part in comfort and convenience.

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