6 Important Ways a Laser Engraver Will Benefit a Business

Laser engravers are complicated devices, but they can also do a lot for a business. The laser industry brings in billions of dollars every year, and the portion of that which comes from small businesses is increasing quickly. That growth comes from business owners finding new ways to use the tools to support their business, and it’s not likely to slow down any time soon.


Most businesses realize that they can use free shirts with their logo on them as a marketing tool. A laser engraver can put that logo on almost anything, which opens up new and unique options for marketing. Drinking glasses, jars, and even dog collars can provide new avenues for marketing.


Laser engraving can also help a business stay organized by putting permanent labels of surfaces. Most businesses currently rely on paper tags and other removable labels, but those can easily get lost or wear out over time. Engraving is permanent, so businesses never need to worry about losing labels and needing to sort through a heap of boxes.

Metal Business Cards

Everyone needs to use business cards to help market themselves and make sure that people have their contact information. Unfortunately, paper cards are easy to lose or destroy. Metal cards don’t have that problem, and they are easy to make with a laser engraving. Not only do they solve the durability problems of paper cards, they also stand out from the crowd and make the owner much more memorable.


Durable and attractive signs can be expensive, but laser engravers make it easy for businesses to produce their own. Making a sign can be as simple as deciding on the text and letting the engraver do its work on a large piece of wood. It still takes a little bit of effort, but it’s much cheaper than purchasing a custom sign.


Stamps are a great way for people to save time on paperwork. If a business spends a lot of money on custom stamps with names, addresses, and other important information, they can often save a little bit of money in the long term by engraving their own. The savings might not justify purchasing an engraver on their own, but they can be a significant gain when combined with the other benefits of owning a laser engraver.

New Products

It never hurts to diversify a business. A laser engraver can help to make or decorate new products for sale, but it can also be an opportunity in itself. Plenty of individuals want one or two custom objects for parties and other events, and any business that has a laser engraver and someone who knows how to use it can bring in some extra money by helping those people get what they need.

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