5 Tips on How to Save Energy in Your Home

If you want to save money on your monthly utility bills, then there are several things that you can do. Follow these five tips to reduce the cost of your home’s energy.

Energy Tip 1: Maintain Your Home’s Furnace and Air Conditioner

Climate control in your home is necessary when the temperature drops or rises, and you can spend a fortune on cooling or heating a home. Make sure to maintain your home’s air conditioner and furnace by cleaning the components along with changing the filters. Walk through your home to make sure that the climate-controlled air is flowing through the building’s vents. Open the vents, and verify that the openings aren’t covered with rugs or furniture.

Energy Tip 2: Fill the Holes and Crevices In Your Home

Use liquid caulking to fill the crevices and holes in your home to keep out the drafts. By adding insulation to holes and crevices, you can also keep hot or cold climate-controlled air from escaping from your home. Most crevices and holes are located near utility lines, foundations or window frames. If you have larger openings in a home, then you should also use insulation materials to keep out any drafts. Seal these openings from the inside or outside of your home.

Energy Tip 3: Turn Down the Temperature On Your Water Heater

You can save money on your energy bills by turning down the temperature on your water heater. Begin by turning down the water heater’s thermostat a few degrees. In addition, wash your clothing in cold water to save money on your natural gas or electric bill. You can also use less hot water by washing dishes in a sink rather than using a dishwasher. If your water heater’s holding tank is filled with sediments, then you should empty the tank’s water to save money while heating water.

Energy Tip 4: Use Adhesive Insulating Film On Your Home’s Windows

You can prevent drafts around your home’s windows by adding clear adhesive insulating film to the glass. You can find insulating film that is designed for the outside or inside of the windowpanes, and you can remove the plastic in the spring. It is possible to find window film insulating kits or rolls of insulating film at local home improvement stores.

Energy Tip 5: Use a Microwave Oven To Save Money While Cooking

With a microwave, you can cook foods quickly to save money on your monthly utility bills. A traditional gas or electric oven cooks food slowly, leading to expensive bills each month. In addition, you can use small appliances to prepare food as another way to reduce your energy usage.

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