5 Things You Didn’t Know about Genotyping

Genotyping refers to the difference in the individual’s genotype. It is the use of DNA to determine an individual’s biological populations. Knowing one’s genotype is essential even though only a few people know their genotype. The information will come in handy when one least expects it. There are a few people who know their genotype. It is different from blood group since it does not have the plus or minus sign like the blood group. There are various types of genotypes. Couples who are about to get married should know their genotype since it will determine the kid’s genotype. If spouses do not go for this test, then they risk their children developing sickle cell anemia. Here are five facts that one needs to know about genotyping.


It Would not be Possible Without the Computers


Technological innovation has made it possible to do a lot of things that would not have been possible in the past. In as much as it is possible to determine an individual’s genotype without a computer, the entire process would be time-consuming and costly. However, with the invention of computers, it has been possible to do the procedure faster. Therefore, families and individuals can quickly know their genotypes at an affordable cost. Nowadays, genotyping is used in determining biological information. It makes it possible for one to know their biological parents.


Genotype has two Meanings


Unknown to many people, genotyping has two meanings. The first definition is that it is a genetic identity and secondly, it is also a referred to as a particular characteristic such as blue eyes. The genes determine an individual’s status.


Everyone has two Genotypes


Each person has two genotypes and not one. Every child will get a genotype from the father and one from their mother.


Identical Twins Have a Similar Genotype


Every child has a unique sperm and egg combination. Therefore, two children will have different genes. However, identical twins are an exception, and they will have the same gene. The reason is that they are fertilized using same sperm and same egg.


Genetic Similarity Found in all Species


Every species from people, fruit flies, and even parrots share the same genotype with each other. People share about 99.9 percent genotype with other people. Therefore, it is possible for one to find out that they share the same genotype with someone that they do not even know.


These are some of the facts that many people did not know about genotyping. In as much as genotyping has been around for a long time, most people still do not know certain things about genotyping. Knowing about genotyping will help one know its importance. Genotyping will help couples find out earlier when they can seek help before getting married.

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