5 Reasons to Join a Private Jet Membership Club

The idea of flying on a private jet might seem highly luxurious but highly improbable, at least for someone with a below-six-figure income. However, your dream can become a reality, thanks to private jet membership clubs. These businesses allow you to enjoy first-class flying at a far more reasonable rate than you might imagine. These are five reasons to join a private jet membership club.

Not Too Expensive

It might come as a surprise to hear that private jet membership clubs aren’t a massive financial burden. Individually, it might be more than you pay for a commercial flight. However, if you’re flying regularly, the cost of an annual membership could be equal or less than that of shelling out cash for individual flights. Once you get onto a private jet for the first time, the value will make itself known instantly.

Reduced Stress

Nowadays, going to the airport is dreaded more than going to the dentist. The lines at the Transporation Security Administration (TSA) and having to walk such far distances to reach your gate can make you feel more stressed than normal. Imagine if you could just arrive at your plane less than a half hour before it’s to depart? With a private jet club membership, you can forget about all the stress that modern flying has given.


Private jet membership clubs don’t neglect the luxury that you associate with private jets. Depending on what service you sign up with, you could have access to all kinds of fantastic amenities, from tablets to watch movies on to an ample bar. Plus, the furnishing of these jets can’t be beaten, with lush seats and beautifully intimate lighting.


While taking commercial flights mean standing in line at TSA, at the gate, waiting to deplane, and waiting for baggage, private flights mean your time is more than cut in half. You don’t have to be stressed out about getting get caught in some massive line. This way, your plans post-flight will be much easier to achieve.


The flights offered by private jet membership clubs aren’t private in the sense that you’re guaranteed to have a flight to yourself. Other members might be on-board, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to ruin your flight. If anything, this can provide you with a strong opportunity to pass along your business card. Depending on your fellow passengers’ profession, you could have a whole new connection. Even if they’re professionally incongruous with you, they could still provide you with great conversation.

Anyone who is burnt out on the hassle of commercial flying should check out a private jet membership club. The cost can be quite minimal and the comfort is next-level. The friendly skies can be far kinder when you’re part of a private jet membership club.

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