5 Lessons to Learn from a Hiring Manager

Finding ways to improve a hiring process can be very beneficial for a business or organization. Hiring managers who have ample experience screening applicants, pursing candidates and creating a more effective and efficient team may have much to offer. The following five lessons serve to showcase some of the many ways in which businesses may be able to find and attract talented employees with greater ease.

Pursue Both Active and Passive Candidates

While hiring an active job seekers is often a far easier undertaking than enticing an employee away from their current position, pursing an equal mix of both active and passive candidates is often the best strategy to take. Active candidates require less time and effort to source while those who are already employed are often able to bring more talent and drive to a new position.

Create and Utilize a More Effective Phone Interview

Screening applicants over the phone may seem like a minor step in the hiring process, but it is never one that businesses can afford to overlook. Utilizing phone interviews to eliminate candidates can greatly simplify the hiring process. Conducting screenings over the phone can also save on time, effort and even travel expenses.

Competitive Offers Are Essential for Attracting Talented Employees

Trying to lure talented employees to the table with a salary and benefits package that may be less than competitive is often self-defeating. In addition to making it almost impossible to hire promising professionals, failing to provide employees with adequate compensation can tank morale and make turnover a real problem.

Establish a Sense of Community

While creating a better place to work may seem like a simple way to ensure a more efficient and effective hiring process, too many businesses choose to overlook this concern rather than spending the time and effort needed to enact positive change. Inviting current employees to make suggestions for improving the workplace or allowing them to take a more active role in the hiring of new personnel are great ways to establish a sense of community that applicants are sure to take notice of.

Find Talent From Inside the Company

Sometimes, the best way to avoid the most common hiring mistakes associated with a hiring process is not to have one. Utilizing internal promotions in order to fill a position or vacancy may entail a number of benefits. Possessing a better understanding of the work ethic, habits and quality of an employee can go a long way and professionals who are able to advance to a new position within the company are far more likely to stick around for the long haul. Finding a professional for a hard to fill or critical vacancy by promoting them from a more easily staffed or mundane position may solve many problems at once.

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