5 High End Steak Cuts You Should Know

If you love steak you’re probably already aware of the classic cuts like t-bones, New York strip steaks, and porterhouses. However, if you’re a true connoisseur, you should also know these five high-end cuts of steak. Even though they can be hard to find, we think you’ll find them well worth the price if you do. How you decide to cook them is up to you, although we agree with CNN’s steak-cooking guide that medium-rare is the best for most of these cuts. (By the way, we had better not catch you drowning any of these in A1 sauce, or you’re in big trouble!)

1. American Wagyu

The story behind American Wagyu is a little complicated–it refers to a breed of cow that is imported from Japan, but raised in America, where they are bred with Angus cattle. This has created a high-quality beef that has been referred to as “American Kobe.”

2. Kobe Beef

True Kobe beef, much like true champagne, only comes from one region of the world; in this case, Kobe, Japan. What you might not know is that these cows are seriously pampered. They receive a hearty grain-fed diet, a beer every day, and regular massages. This produces an almost unbelievably tender cut of steak.

3. Filet Mignon

Ah, filet mignon. It’s a classic for a reason. This cut, taken from the short loin, is often referred to as the king of steaks, and frankly, it’s hard to disagree. It’s certainly the most widely available of the cuts on this list, making an appearance on nearly every self-respecting steakhouse’s menu.

4. Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin is an unfairly ignored cut of steak; this is partially due to cost. Any cuts taken from “tender” regions of a cow that haven’t been overworked throughout the years tend to be higher-cost steaks. The tenderloin is also a perfectly-sized steak for entertaining.

5. Vegas Strip

The Vegas Strip is an exciting new cut of shoulder steak. It even has it’s own website–Google it if you don’t believe us! It made this Huffington Post list of new cuts of steak you should try, and we agree with their assessment: it’s a great, tender cut of steak.

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