4 Reasons Water Quality On Beaches Is Important

When beaches are mentioned, what comes to most people’s minds is relaxation. There is a therapeutic feeling that most people attach to beaches. However, there are other aspects of beaches apart from the warm sand. Water plays a critical role in making our relaxation at the beach possible. It washes the sand leaving it in pristine conditions. It also offers us a chance to take a lovely dive, which makes its quality a significant talking point. Here are four reasons why water quality matters.

  1. To protect public health


Pollutants can cause many complications. The most common is skin irritation. High bacterial levels can cause dermal complications. It can be an itch or a rash. It is natural for water to get into your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth when swimming. Bacteria can get into your body causing illness. Chemical pollutants pose a diverse range of complications. Oil spills and industrial waste disposals near the shoreline pose significant health challenges to marine life and humans.

  1. To preserve the ecosystem


A beach is a habitat for animals and plants. That ecological habitat functions well under specific conditions. For example, dirty water leads to reduced water visibility, which affects the quality of sunlight reaching marine plants. Without sunlight, such plats die due to lack of energy. Such plants are a source of food and oxygen for other marine lives. All the things must function adequately to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

  1. To preserve the aesthetic appeal of water


The smell and appearance of water speak volumes about its quality. Smelly water can indicate that the water is polluted. Some of the pollutants include litter, natural and chemical. Appearance can often be misleading because water may remain clear while carrying significant levels of toxins. Testing the water for quality is the surest way of determining suitability.

  1. To safeguard the economic livelihoods of people

Anglers and recreational businesses depend on good beaches to make money. Without safe water, fishermen will not make a living. Fish migrate when the levels of pollution increase along public beaches. Fishing becomes difficult as fish move further away from the people. Recreation also becomes a problem because people cannot use polluted beaches. Businesses that depend on the ability of the beaches to attract tourists suffer as people shy away from bad water quality.


A beach is as good as the quality of the water around it. Luckily, authorities take a keen interest in ensuring that water quality advisories guide people whenever there is a problem. A functional beach is a valuable ecosystem that is safe to use whether it is for business or pleasure.

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