4 Great Reasons to Rent a Golf Cart on Vacation

You probably see plenty of golf carts every time you go on vacation, but many people assume they’re only for the elderly or people with disabilities preventing them from walking. However, there are actually several compelling reasons to drive a golf cart on vacation no matter who’s traveling with you. Here are four reasons to consider renting a golf cart during your next trip.

1. Stay Cool on Hot Summer Days 
It’s easy to beat oppressive heat if you don’t have to use your legs to get where you’re going. Instead of walking to the beach, park or golf course under the scorching sun and risking dehydration or heatstroke, you can cruise there in a golf cart and enjoy a cool breeze along the way. You can even use the cart’s roof as a source of shade once you’ve reached your destination.

2. No Wasted Time 
Driving a golf cart is obviously faster than walking, but in many places it’s also faster than driving a car. When driving a golf cart, you can often take alternate routes to skip traffic thanks to the cart’s small size and reduced speeds, and it’s much easier to find parking for a vehicle that can squeeze into tiny spaces. In addition, some vacations towns use golf carts as a primary mode of transportation and have specific parking spaces reserved for them. Renting a golf cart can help you get the most out of your vacation by minimizing your time spent in transit.

3. Go Off-Roading 
As long as you equip your golf cart with the correct tires and lift kit, you can take it off-roading to make reaching campgrounds or fishing spots a breeze. When driving a car, you usually need to park in a designated area and then carry your things by hand, but an off-road ready golf cart can park right next to rivers or campsites. Even if you don’t have anywhere particular to go, it’s great fun to cruise around in nature away from trafficked roads.

4. They’re Eco-Friendly 
Another great thing about golf carts is that they’re far better for the environment than most other vehicles. Many golf carts are fully electric, meaning they leave zero pollution behind, and even those that are fully or partially gas-powered burn much less fuel than cars or motorcycles. If you’re going to get out and enjoy nature, you might as well protect natural beauty at the same time.

For these reasons and more, renting a golf cart during your next vacation is worth considering. They’re incredibly convenient vehicles, even more convenient than cars in many places, and they can save your group from the stress of carrying heavy bags or marching under the hot sun. And besides, driving a golf cart, especially driving one off-road, is just plain fun.

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