5 Benefits of laminate floors

Have you ever wondered why laminate is among the top-selling floors today? The majority of homeowners love wooden floors because of their beauty and durability. Unfortunately, installing wood flooring is expensive and out of reach for many homeowners. Again, it is quite hectic to install wood flooring. Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative for individuals searching for flooring that is affordable, durable, and appeals to the eyes. Here are five reasons why laminate flooring could be the perfect choice for you and your family.

Laminate is a strong, scratch resistant and durable flooring surface
The surface of laminate is made up of a tough external layer comprising of a resin coating. It can withstand high traffic, and therefore, it is ideal for areas such as corridors and other high traffic areas in the house. Laminate can also be an idea for houses where there are children and pets. It is scratch resistant, and therefore, it can withstand most of the activities by pets and children. When choosing laminate flooring for light commercial and general residential, be sure to go for laminate with an AC3 rating or higher.

Easy to install
Laminate floors are easy to install than wood and other floor types. They are designed to interlock easily, making it easy for most of the people to install. Also, laminate can be installed over most of the existing floors, thus saving installation time.

Low price
Laminate flooring is less expensive than most of the traditional floor surfaces, but it doesn’t compromise on look and quality. When you are on a budget that won’t allow for original wood floors, laminate flooring will give you the durability and the look of a genuine wood floor at a low price. There is an excellent laminate flooring for almost every price range. Laminate flooring is an ideal choice for homeowners who want the look of genuine wood floor in their homes at a pocket-friendly cost.

Laminate flooring is versatile, and it can be installed on almost any type of subfloors like concrete or even pre-existing final floors. In many cases, when the installation of the wood floor is not compatible with the existing sub-floor, a laminate floor is a smart option. Unlike other flooring materials, laminates will install easily and co-exist with the current flooring.

Easy to maintain and clean
The laminate surface is resistant to stains, and therefore, it doesn’t require special cleaners. You are only required to vacuum clean, sweep, or dust your floor regularly to keep it in good shape.

Laminate is a durable, moisture resistant, and versatile flooring material, but it also has its limits. For instance, it cannot be used in the bathroom and laundry room due to the risk of water leakage. If water gets underneath the surface layer, laminate can easily swell, thus ruining your floor.